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Hello everyone

Wow, guess I am a little late in researching our 20 yr reunion.  Hope everyone is exactly where they want to be.  Would love to hear from everyone as I seemed to have missed it all.

Brad Cowdin.

brad cowdin
From Kristin Maschka

In case any one is interested, I'm speaking in the Twin Cities before the reunion and in Rochester after the reunion at Mothers & More chapters in those cities.

Weds Oct 3

Tues Oct 9


Kristin Maschka
What a surprise!!!!

Hi everyone!!...I am Saudi of the three exchange students at East back in 1987-1988...from Chile. I hope you remember me like I do remember most of you!!!!. It is a pleasure to see you all looking good and doing so well)

I will not be able to make it to the 20th Reunion but surely there will be more Reunions in the future which I may be able to join. I just moved to Denmark last month and it has been quite an adventure for me in every sense (specially the danish lenguage). For those who may wonder...yes, I´m married to a Dane and we have a 5 1/2 year old boy (Aske) and a 3 year old girl (Ina). We married some 8 years ago ..he is a scientist and we met at the University where I was working as an Administrative (project administrator). Now, after so many years, I am back to the beginning...searching for a new job here in Copenhagen.... but so far so good, there are plenty of possibilities here in Denmark.  Besides, I have really enjoyed being with my kids, visiting nice, cozy places and having all the viking world and history right in front of my eyes.

I do not have any picture to post at the moment but I will make sure I post one before the Reunion takes place in October.

Please, feel free to write me ( or I will be super glad to hear from any of you!!...Connie (Fitzloff) look exactly as I remember you!!! good to hear from you again!! U were really nice to me..I have never forgotten that!!

Saludos....Saudi Lagos

Saudi Lagos
Katy Macgregor (Zimmerman)

Hi Everyone,
Ever since this website has been created it has been fun to check in and see where we have all ended up.  It doesn't seem possible that 20 years has gone by! I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces, sharing stories and catching up.   I still live in Mankato with my husband Steve,  11 year old daughter Jace,  and work up the road in St. Peter.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Katy Macgregor
Hey guys, I am excited that something is going to happen I missed all the other reunions. I would love to help in anyway that I can. I am fine without doing the book, it would be great to get all that same info up on a web page. Just let me know where you need me to help. I will probably be flying in that Thursday and leaving that Sunday. My hubby was planning on coming if it was this summer, but he can't come in October, so I will be flying solo.  I'll send a picture later for this webpage