National Navy Dentistry Recruiting Campaign Spokes(wo)man! Ha! Now in my 3rd year of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency in Virginia. Susan Chacon (Blume)
Tracy (Enz) and Chuck Witt
My (Marty Schweim, bottom right) Crew with Josh at Holloman filming Transformers
takin a break with Tyrese on the set of Transformers
I really married up! Tieszen family at the Apple Orchard: Mark , Rhonda, Caden (5) & Sophia (3)
"Girls at Grandview Lodge- Feb. 2007" Top row-Sarah, Jeanine, Lori, Heather Bottom row- Allison, Tammy, Lyn, Michelle
DADDY'S GIRL - Mark Tieszen Annual Apple pick'n trip to IN or MI..
Hanan Jordan (Sallam) and husban during our trip to Egypt
Tina's hubby, Aaron and baby Eli Leighton.
Tina (Abraham) Johnson and baby "Eli Leighton" from August 2006 (Eli is 10 weeks old)
My family: Gina, Husband John, Christian (14) and Jonah (11)
This is me (Gina) in China on The Great Wall. I was visiting a missionary who lives there.
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